Cladding Lifts

A cladding lift is useful because it can easily and quickly move large pieces of cladding around the construction site. This can save time and money since it minimizes the time workers have to spend moving the cladding manually.

A cladding lift can also help to improve worker safety by eliminating the need for manual handling of heavy pieces of cladding. Additionally, a cladding lift can help mitigate damage to the cladding itself since it reduces the amount of time the cladding is exposed to potential sources of wear, such as sharp edges or rough surfaces.

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When choosing a cladding lift, selecting one that’s appropriate for the surface, type and size of cladding you will be using is essential. Additionally, you should ensure that the lift can handle the weight of the cladding and that it has a smooth and even lifting action — each model comes with a number that represents its carrying capacity in lbs. You should also consider the height of the lift, since this will determine how high you can lift the cladding. Finally you need to decide which type of vacuum cup is needed based on the cladding surface – smooth cladding and cladding with small ridges require different types of vacuum cups for lifting.

  • Express range of cladding lifts — For portable on-site access to a lift for cladding, the Express range can do the job. Our 150T, 200S, 200CW, and 350CWA models are intended for glaziers that need to lift cladding in all work environments. 
  • Glassboy 400 — This below-the-hook lift for cladding is a multi-purpose lift that works for all surfaces, including composite panels, steel, granite, plastics, glass, and wood doors.
  • Omni range of cladding lifts — The Omni 550 and 800 models are easy-to-maintain lifts that are designed to be easily attached to forklifts and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This dual vacuum pump range comes with a wireless remote for added control.
  • Vector range of cladding lifts — For extreme precision, the Vector 400E, 500, 500 Off-Road, and 800 Off-Road models add a level of control and movement that’s perfect for more awkward environments. Built to unload, transport, and install panels in hard to reach places, this range is perfect for sites containing uneven terrain.
  • Bespoke lifter – if you have special requirements and our cladding lifts need to be modified, then talk to us about your special requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

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At Quattrolifts, we’ve been developing solutions for glaziers for years, smoothing over the industry’s pain points. We’re proud to have developed a large range of multi-purpose glass vacuum lifters that can be customized to cater to all types of projects.

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